Our Vision Statement

Inspiring every child to ‘dig deep’ and be their best in an environment where people are passionate, engaged and valued.

MottoDig Deep Logo

“Dig Deep”

This motto stems from our Vision and relates to our school Logo of the plough – we ‘dig deep’ to be our best in all we do. This is in the classroom, using the key competencies, living the school values and on the sports field.

At Broadfield we focus on developing children who are:

  • Happy in themselves, in what they do and with how they act
  • Environmentally literate
  • Working and learning – literate and numerate
  • Resourceful and resilient
  • Enthusiastic contributors
  • Thinkers and dreamers
  • Informed decision-makers
  • Able to relate well to other people
  • Effective communicators
  • Effective community members (family, whanau, school, country, world)
  • Active seekers, users and creators of knowledge
  • Who are passionate for continuing learning (for life)